Buy The Right Size Guinea Pig Cage

guinea pig cage photo
Photo by maskarade

Purchasing a guinea pig cage in a pet shop is unfortunately a good way to ensure that it is in fact too small for your pet’s needs. Buying even the largest one the store offers will likely prove insufficient, despite the high prices routinely charged.

The proper way to make certain that your cage is right-sized is to construct your own cage at home. This is not nearly as hard as it sounds, and the cost savings will be truly impressive. For the money you would spend on a store-bought cage that is probably too small, you could fabricate a cube and coroplast (C&C) cage that is three times as large and much more beneficial to the health and happiness of your pigs.

While some folks might see such a cage and deem it far too large for a guinea pig, this simply is not true, considering how the pigs live and the type of space they actually need. You would not house a hamster in a small shoebox, so why force your guinea pig to feel cramped and confined? Pets need room to move around and exercise their joints, the same way humans do. No compassionate dog owner would keep a large canine in a tiny pen, and there is equally no justification for placing a guinea pig in a box with no room to explore.

A great way to provide an environment in which guinea pigs can thrive is to get some cube and coroplast grids in order to build a customized home for the guinea pigs. This is far better than simply going to the store and purchasing a cage, which is almost certain to be too tiny. Grids of this sort can be easily obtained online, including via eBay, so there really is no reason not to make a personalized, spacious home for your beloved animals.

Recommend Guinea Pig Cage Sizes

2 Guinea Pigs
Min 7.5 Sq Ft
Max 10.5 Sq Ft

3 Guinea Pigs
Min 10.5 Sq Ft
Max 13 Sq F

4 Guinea Pigs
Min 13 Sq Ft
Max 13+ Sq Ft

The best idea is to use C&C grids to build a custom area for the guinea pig, rather than use a cage. These items can be purchased on eBay.