What Is The Best Guinea Pig Bedding?

guinea pig cage photo
Photo by picto:graphic

Guinea pig owners routinely utilize wood or paper types of shavings as the bedding for their pets. While this is perfectly acceptable if the proper sort is chosen, namely those not made of sawdust, cedar or pine, there may be better choices available. Guinea pigs that inhale tiny bits of paper, dust or wood may ultimately develop respiratory issues or have eye sensitivity. Because wood-type shavings or paper-based products can be shuffled around easily within the cage, the end result is not terribly sanitary. The pig will end up rolling around in waste until the cage is thoroughly cleaned. While paper and wood shavings are extremely common, they are not environmentally friendly and can become costly as well.

Fleece bedding is an alternative every guinea pig owner ought to consider. This is a hot trend among guinea pig owners and is a cost-effective, environmentally sound choice. Fleece facilitates spot cleaning of the cage, allowing for waste products to be surgically removed on a frequent basis. Rather than being absorbent like wood and paper bed materials, fleece can filter urine and other waste down to a sub-layer of toweling (which can be washed often), letting the top layer stay totally dry. This type of clean-up is a welcome convenience for busy pet owners who wish to maintain an orderly environment that remains attractive to the eye.

The advice and guidance provided above can help you give the guinea pigs in your life the best care possible. These little creatures are terrific companions which are, sadly, vulnerable to abbreviated life spans. However, by ensuring that they live in a happy, clean and safe place, perhaps we can extend their lifetimes significantly and gain increased enjoyment from everything they have to offer. There really is nothing like having a few guinea pigs around to make a house a home.